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November 5, 2017

Old Friends

“Hi Krista, are you taking new clients/old friends…?”

I was so excited when I opened my email to find this message:

“Hi Krista, are you taking new clients/old friends at this time?  Hope all is well, Laura Mills Clarke.”

My mind instantly raced through a series of memories, most of them in a crowded church van on our way to, or home from, Christ In Youth conferences.  There may have been one, very odd, mission trip to Mexico in there where I double pierced my ears at a Walmart in Piedras Negras against my father’s wishes…which may have been the most rebellious thing I did when I was younger!  Memories of van football (yes, it was as dangerous as it sounds), games of 20 questions, where someone swore the moon was smaller than our church van, *cough* Laura,   and laughing until we cried, or until some beverage spewed out our mouth (or nose).  My high school youth group was a special time for me with amazing people, most of whom are spread all over the country, some of whom are no longer with us.  This group of people changed my life and I pray now, every day, that Jordan will be as blessed as I was to have a similar youth group experience.

Opening this inquiry was an opportunity to reconnect with a friend that shared these memories.  Laura is now married with a beautiful 8 month old daughter, Caroline.  To see her and Andrew’s joy over their precious baby girl made me smile.  If someone had told us, several years ago, that we would be together for family portraits, her with a sweet 8 month old, me with a 2 year old, both swooning over these little lives, I doubt we would have believed it.  The Lord has guided our lives in different directions and yet, reconnecting with this sweet friend was warm and familiar.  Like greeting someone who knew me in a past life.

Laura, Andrew and Caroline, we look forward to welcoming you back to our home soon.  I know we will stay in touch now, despite our business, because the roots are too deep and the stories are too good not to!! 🙂


Krista Sexton

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