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November 9, 2017

Heart of a Child

“Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven.  And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” ~Matthew 18:4&5~

As we walked along the dirt path next to the pond I looked at Isaac and asked, “Do you think there are fish in this pond?”  He looked at me, then at the water, then back towards his mom as if searching for the answer.  It was clear the wheels were spinning inside his 3 year old mind.  “No,” he finally concluded, “there are no fish, just frogs.”  Andres, Lindsey and I all laughed.  Lindsey responded, “Mind blown! He’s clearly never thought about there being the possibility of fish in the pond before.”

When I asked Lindsey if there were any quotes she wanted for their blog feature she said the Lord has been teaching her about Matthew 18, having the heart and humility of a child.  I think most parents can relate to the feeling of complete awe, that goes with watching these tiny humans go from completely helpless to walking, talking, laughing and problem solving on their own in just a few short years!  Their ability to pick up on the smallest things is amazing because their brains are always working, always wanting to learn, always searching for every detail as a clue to the world around them.

What I find particularly interesting in Matthew 18 is that a child doesn’t know they are “lowly”, or really think of themselves as “lowly”.  In the past when I would read this verse I assumed the Lord was speaking about humility.  But perhaps he is speaking more about, as Lindsey says, “having the heart of a child.”  Being in continuous awe of Him and constantly searching Him and His word for every detail that we can absorb.  Welcoming questions and pondering them.  Recognizing that we aren’t mature in Him and allowing ourselves to contemplate that there may actually be “fish” in the pond.

In the business of life, or at least in the business of my life, I find that taking time to listen to where the Lord is drawing me deeper, to dig in and search for His truth in my life, is often bumped down on the priority list.  Yet, I truly believe it is one of if not the most important part of my relationship with Him.  It is easy to “meet” someone, but getting to know someone on a deeper level takes time and it must be intentional.  A child lives in a constant state of searching for that deeper understanding.

This has become my new goal.  This is the place I want to find myself living in, digging in to my relationship with the Lord and making time to know him deeply.

Thank you Isaac for your beautiful example of what it means to have the heart of a child.


Krista Sexton

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