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October 31, 2017

Cedar Creek Winery Engagement Session

“She didn’t need to be saved.She needed to be found and appreciated for exactly who she was.” ~J. Iron Word~


She had a lightness in her step and a smile on her lips.  We had been together for a photography session before, however this time there was something different.  Having her fiancé and daughter together, their new family unit, seemed to bring out an overflowing joy in this soon-to-be bride!  Chris, also seemed right at home doing anything and everything that would bring a smile to Gretchen’s beautiful face.  Watching them laugh through our whole time together was not only sweet, it was endearing.

I know that for James and I, laughter and prayer, have been key in getting us through our hardest times.  After a long day, when you can talk and laugh until you have tears running down your face about silly memories, the world seems to melt away.  I believe laughter is God’s way of helping us keep our lives in perspective.

The day with Chris, Gretchen and Taylor could not have been more beautiful.  In addition to the laughter, the birds and the fall colors, we had an unseasonably warm October day!  One of my favorite locations, Cedar Creek Winery , was like icing on the cake!  The grape vines were still in bloom and made for a perfect backdrop!

As I look forward to your wedding day, I know that day will be equally filled with joy and laughter!  Continue to enjoy all of the silly moments and memories you can, and know these will be there for you through whatever challenges you face.  Chris, keep striving to make Gretchen laugh.  Gretchen, keep allowing yourself to get caught up in the laughter.  As women, we always have one hundred (or more) items on our “to-do” lists, especially when planning a wedding!  It can be easy to become distracted by everything on that list and miss this sweet moment in time.  Taylor, continue to swing, twirl, and be your beautiful self!

James and I could not be more thrilled for you both!  I am blessed to get to follow your journey and capture every laughter filled kiss!


Krista Sexton

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